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Chemistry II - Organic Fuels and Combustion

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General Discussion

There is a general discussion forum for Mr. Young's students.  You can use this forum to post questions for your fellow classmates and also look at historical discussion of similar topics.  

Chemistry I Forum

Chemistry II HAIKU Page Discussion Forum 




Instructional Materials

The learning resources for this unit are organized in one place on this page.  Here you can find guidelines to make up missed work (or to work ahead), a description of upcoming assessments, powerpoints used in class, etc.


Quick Links

Unit Resource Folder 

Mr. Young's Scientific Skill Toolbox

Chemistry II Haiku Page 



Classroom Resources and Learning Support


Introduction to Alkanes (video)

This video introduces organic chemistry and covers

  • the versatility of carbon atoms
  • Lewis structures and bonding for carbon atoms
  • structure of alkanes (saturated hydrocarbons)  
  • how to name straight chain alkanes 
  • examples of naming and writing formulas

Remember we will only deal with main chains up to 6 carbons 

Structure and Naming - Branched Alkanes (video)

This video covers

  • branched alkanes
  • isomers
  • naming branched alkanes determining the parent chain and how to number the carbons
  • a nice connection to our isomer building activity

Again, we will only deal with parent chains up to 6 carbons 

Structure and Naming - Alkenes (and Alkynes) (video)

Same stuff but this time for the unsaturated hydrocarbons.  Note that you do not need to know about alkynes in the Chemistry II course. 

All about hydrocarbons

web resource  

More than you will ever need to know (the content goes more in depth than our syllabus so be aware).  


Good stuff about naming, properties and reactions.  There are also some naming practice quizzes with answers.

The Greenhouse Effect

Use the resources provided to complete your notes.  The video is pretty good as is this review tutorial.

The Carbon Cycle










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