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Link to Physics II - Shared Public Documents 



Power Point - Wave Characteristics

Power Point - Wave Effects




Activity 1 - Observing Waves in Water


Activity 4 - Refraction Investigation 


This is an awesome . . .

Introduction to Electromagnetic Waves 


More about . . . 

The Electromagnetic Spectrum



Diffraction Tutorial

very comprehensive tutorial (with simulations) for learning all about diffraction.





Superposition (Interference) of Waves


Standing Waves - formed by reflection




Tutorial - Standing Waves

Very helpful if you need more information.  Go to The Physics Classroom

Standing Waves - nodes and antinodes

Standing Waves on a String - Harmonics 

1st harmonic

2nd harmonic

3rd harmonic




Standing Waves on Slinky - harmonics (YouTube)

Tutorial - Standing Waves in Open Pipes

A nice summary of musical instruments and vibrating air columns which explains the relationship between the harmonics. 

Standing Waves on a String


Longitudinal Standing Waves on a Spring

Open End Air Column Standing Wave (fundamental)


Open End Air Column Standing Wave (2nd harmonic)


Closed End Column Standing Wave (fundamental)

Link to above applet

Closed End Column Standing Wave (3rd harmonic)

There are no even number harmonics in closed pipes. 


Harmonics in open and closed pipes - a summary