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Skills FrontPage

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      ideas are immortal! 


Welcome to my science resource pages!


Course WIKI pages                    Physics I               Physics II

Chemistry I          Chemistry II


You can also use the Navigation bar on the right to visit specific course or subject pages.  A full site directory page is available HERE.


What is here?


Links to Mr Young's course WIKI's



Navigating these pages


Mastery of science skills often requires a number of steps that progressively develop your abilities to think and work scientifically.  Look for the Einstein graphic shown here to help select what level of information you require on a certain topic.  As you progress from one Einstein to three, you will move forward from introductory material to mastering a particular skill area. 



If you like learning from videos, look for these icons.  Clicking on the YouTube video icon takes you directly to the online video clip.  Other video has been directly embedded in the resource pages.






Be a contributor!

  • Build the library of links and resources.  If you find a great tutorial, or a good You Tube video, or anything else that addresses the syllabus and helps you learn - TELL US!


"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one

                                                                 Malcolm Forbes


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